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N'oubliez pas de rejoindre le club d'entrepreneurs qui permet d'éviter de perdre du temps et de l'argent.

Women, it’s time to STOP complaining and start doing business. You are strong, you are smart as hell, you are amazing.
So, get up and build your own business right NOW !

How can you do it ?

First of all, you need to change your mindset.
You CAN do it, and you WILL !

Stop saying it’s too hard, too complicated, too young, too old, too what you want…


The reality is simple : you are like men (and even better in reality).

The world need a new way of doing business, more ethic, more classy, more patient… It’s time to « WOMENIZE » business 😉

Some role models are already on FIRE

Some women already crush the game of business in France and worldwide. Some quick examples :

  • Roxanne Varza runs Station F, the biggest startup incubator ever in Paris.
  • Geraldine Lemeur runs « The refiners », a cool program to help european founders to tackle the US market
  • Marie Ekeland runs a very big fund called « Daphni »
  • Isabelle Kocher runs Engie, one of the biggest energy company worldwide
  • Ginny Rometty runs IBM

How can do it ?

Pretty simple : you need to learn some basics and to launch your first business as soon as possible.

You will make mistakers, for sure.
But the world don’t care.

Let’s begin with this video :

What is Goldup ?

Goldup is made to help women willing to build profitable, sustainable and fulfilling online businesses.

It’s a 5 weeks intensive program to learn tth most important things to suceed in business.

Go on girls !

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