Rémy Bigot : the AI speaker you REALLY need !

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Drop everything you’re doing!
It’s time to talk about Rémy Bigot, the guy who’s been shaking up the AI scene in France.
Since 2023, he’s not just riding the AI wave, he’s surfing it like a pro!

A trailblazing trajectory

While others were content to follow the pack, Rémy chose to lead the AI parade.
With online conferences that make LinkedIn blush (3,400 registrants, ring a bell?), he’s not just in the game, he IS the game (or trying to).

A style that sizzles

Rémy’s the kind of guy who steps onto the stage and does more than present – he ignites it.
It’s NOT for everybody !
Dynamic, passionate, and a bit of a showman, his talks are an explosive mix of information and entertainment. You don’t just listen to Rémy, you experience him.

Themes that kill

He talks about the nitty-gritty: how to snag more clients, how to create content that sticks, and how to automate without losing your soul.
Ai is your firend !

Praise galore

After his events, it’s amazing. Attendees leave with brains buzzing and heads full of ideas.

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A vision that shakes things up

For Rémy, AI isn’t the end of the world, it’s the start of an era where humans augmented by AI will rule.
And he’s not shy about saying it.

Living and breathing AI

Remy posts on 6 different social networks every day, thanks to AI.
If that’s not modern magic, I don’t know what is!

A commitment that packs a punch

Each month, Rémy hosts the big AI debate on LinkedIn.
Thousands of thinkers crowd in to debate, understand, and marvel.

Expertise just a click away

For a continuous dose of Rémy, dive into his blog (montersonbusiness.com). It’s heavy, it’s concrete, it’s pure Rémy.

If you thought you knew AI, wait till you see what Rémy’s got in store. It’s more than a revolution, it’s a revelation.
So, ready to join the movement?

Contact him here in private message 😉