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I’m very angry about Leadpages.
Here is why I’m so angry : they don’t respect me as a customer and their « 30 day money back guarantee » is a big lie! I hate that and I want to tell you what has happened in this post.

What’s going on Rémy ?

In 2014, I decided to try this Leadpages tool. It looked good for my purpose, I really wanted to improve my landing pages and conversion funnels.
After some days, I was a little bit disappointed for different reasons, and asked them to be refunded.

At that time they said OK, and that was cool.

A new chance ?

Recently, I decided to give them a new chance because I had a lot of needs about that kind of things and apparently they improved their offer.
So, I bought a 2 year plan (what a mistake !) and created some pages and first links.
However after less than 3 weeks, I had the exact same feeling as the first time.

The product was too limited for me : for instance, I hate not to have the choice about design as I don’t want to have the same pages than 8000 other people !.

The problems are coming

I asked then (again) for a refund as I was not fully happy with the tool and that I was still in the 30 days trial period.

The reply just shocked me : « NO, you’re not on your 30 days back guarantee »
Obviously, are you fuc**** serious ? (sorry this kind of situation makes me rude)
I replied then proving I was still in this « 30 days guarantee » period.

Then the « non refund reason » changed : « you have already asked for a refund a year ago so your refund request can’t be approved« .
Ok, then I got angry and replied (again) explaining them that it was completely unfair and that I claim for a refund.

No, no, no…

Still the same answer, they refuse to understand and keep on their position without any kind of understanding…

I don’t understand how a company can act like this with its customers.
Tony Hsieh from Zappos would see this, he’d say : « are you serious ? »
Gary Vaynerchuk would see this he’d probably say : « Hustling is not enough if your customer service sucks ! »

So… I can’t say something else than : Choose someone else !

If you need a good tool for landing pages and conversions funnels, choose for example Instapage or clickfunnels.

At least they have a good way of caring about their customers, which is absolutely not the case with leadpages !

Moreover, refusing a refund to an unhappy customer is just not knowing what a customer is : the best ambassador for a brand.

Well guys, as you can see i’ll never be and will be so happy to prevent others to have the same bad experience with you… A word to the wise…