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In the dynamic world of startups, staying ahead means being in the right place at the right time. Here are the top global startup events that offer unmatched opportunities for networking, learning, and growth.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) – Las Vegas, USA

  • Overview: The CES isn’t just about consumer gadgets. It’s a pivotal event for tech startups to unveil innovative products and get noticed by industry giants and investors.
  • Who attends: Tech startups, investors, consumer electronics manufacturers.
  • Why you should go: To showcase or witness the next big thing in tech.

Infos :

We call it « la meccha » of tech 😉 A event who is here since so long and where the world is coming.

Viva Technology (VivaTech) – Paris, France

  • Overview: Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, VivaTech is the annual rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation.
  • Who attends: Startups, global tech leaders, investors.
  • Why you should go: It’s the perfect place to find investment, partnerships, and inspiration.

I love this event, for me one of the top I ever attend.
Fun, really international, and a great place in Paris.
Also a lot of cool surprises every year there.

Infos :

Web Summit – Lisbon, Portugal

  • Overview: Touted as « the best technology conference on the planet, » Web Summit gathers the founders and CEOs of tech companies, startups, policymakers, and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?
  • Who attends: Tech leaders, startups, investors, policymakers.
  • Why you should go: For unparalleled networking opportunities and insights into the future of tech.

Infos :

Nice event and cool networking.

Tech in Asia Conference – various locations

  • Location: Various locations across Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan.
  • Overview: This event brings together the Asian tech ecosystem, including startups, investors, and industry leaders, to share insights, network, and explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Why you should attend: It’s a great platform for startups looking to expand their presence in Asia, offering access to a wide network of potential partners and investors.

The best in Asia right now. It’s good to see Tech with not the same view as Europe or US.

Infos :

SXSW (South by Southwest) – Austin, USA

  • Overview: SXSW stands as the ultimate melting pot of creative professionals, thought leaders, and innovators from diverse industries, all converging to spark inspiration and ignite future collaborations.
  • Who Attends: A eclectic mix of creatives, tech entrepreneurs, film and music maestros, and industry visionaries.
  • Why You Should Go: Immerse yourself in the epicenter of creative collisions, where music, film, and tech converge to redefine the boundaries of innovation. SXSW is renowned for its surprise performances and film premieres, making it an unparalleled experience.

This event is so cool especially cause a lot of music and movies surprises there.

TechCrunch Disrupt – San Francisco, USA

  • Overview: At the heart of Silicon Valley, TechCrunch Disrupt is the beacon for groundbreaking startups, offering a platform where the next generation of disruptive technologies and ideas emerge.
  • Who Attends: A dynamic mix of emerging startups, established tech giants, and forward-thinking investors.
  • Why You Should Go: Witness firsthand the fierce Startup Battlefield competition, a battleground where startups vie for supremacy and investor attention. Organized by one of the leading voices in tech, this event is a testament to innovation.

Organized buy one of the best tech website since years, a masterpiece.

Slush – Helsinki, Finland

  • Overview: Born from a student movement, Slush has evolved into a global phenomenon, celebrated for its dedication to connecting startups with investors in an atmosphere unlike any other.
  • Who Attends: Startups eager for growth, venture capitalists in search of gems, and journalists covering the pulse of tech innovation.
  • Why You Should Go: Dive into unparalleled deep-dive sessions and forge meaningful connections within an atmosphere brimming with youthful energy and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

A different way of doing events. A very young and cool way.

The Next Web (TNW) – Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Overview: TNW Conference is an electrifying hub for global tech leaders, savvy investors, and promising startups, all coming together to share visions of the digital future.
  • Who Attends: High-caliber tech executives, visionary investors, groundbreaking startups, and digital marketing pioneers.
  • Why You Should Go: Seize the opportunity to absorb wisdom from global tech titans and engage in hands-on learning experiences. TNW balances corporate sophistication with cutting-edge cool, offering insights into tomorrow’s tech landscape.

A bit more corporate and very cool.

Collision – Toronto, Canada

  • Overview: Dubbed « the fastest-growing tech conference in North America, » Collision is a fertile ground for startups looking to make a mark.
  • Who attends: Startups, investors, business leaders from tech and beyond.
  • Why you should go: For its diverse speaker lineup and vibrant networking opportunities.

AfricaCom – Cape town, South africa

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Overview: AfricaCom is the continent’s largest and most influential tech and telecom event, attracting thousands of attendees each year. It serves as a pivotal gathering for African telecoms, media, and technology industries, offering extensive networking opportunities, insightful discussions, and showcases of the latest technologies.
  • Key Features:
    • Conferences and workshops covering the latest trends and innovations in African tech and telecom sectors.
    • An exhibition space featuring leading tech companies and startups.
    • The AfricaCom Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievements in the industry.
    • Networking events designed to connect professionals across the tech ecosystem.
  • Why You Should Attend: It provides a comprehensive view of the digital and tech landscape in Africa, offering a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators driving digital transformation across the continent.

Startup Grind Global Conference – Silicon Valley, USA

  • Overview: Hosted by the global startup community Startup Grind, this event emphasizes education, inspiration, and networking.
  • Who attends: Entrepreneurs, startups, mentors.
  • Why you should go: To learn from successful founders and industry experts in a supportive environment.

RISE – Hong Kong

  • Overview: RISE brings speakers from the world’s biggest companies together with the world’s most exciting startups in Hong Kong.
  • Who attends: Startups, big tech companies, investors.
  • Why you should go: For a global perspective on tech and startups, particularly in Asia.

Y Combinator Demo Day – Silicon Valley, USA

  • Overview: The culminating event of Y Combinator’s startup accelerator, where startups pitch to a selected audience of investors.
  • Who attends: Startups, angel investors, venture capitalists.
  • Why you should go: To see the next generation of startup innovation before anyone else.

DLD (Digital Life Design) – Munich, Germany

  • Overview: DLD is Europe’s version of TED, a place where digital marketers, tech enthusiasts, and media professionals discuss the future of digital.
  • Who attends: Digital marketers, tech enthusiasts, media professionals.
  • Why you should go: To gain insights into digital trends and innovations.

RiseUp Summit, Cairo, Egypt

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Overview: RiseUp Summit is an annual entrepreneurship and innovation event that brings together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and business mentors in the MENA region.
  • Why Attend: The summit offers workshops, talks, pitch competitions, and networking opportunities, making it a critical event for anyone in the MENA startup ecosystem.

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa

  • Location: The event location varies within Africa; it has been held in cities like Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Overview: TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa is part of TechCrunch’s world-renowned startup competition series. The event focuses on showcasing and supporting the African startup ecosystem by providing a platform for early-stage startups to pitch their innovations to a panel of expert judges and a live audience. It aims to highlight the vibrant entrepreneurship spirit and the innovative tech solutions emerging from the continent.
  • Key Features:
    • A competition where a select group of startups pitches to a panel of judges for a chance to win a significant cash prize and global recognition.
    • Sessions and panels discussing various aspects of the tech and startup ecosystem in Africa, including challenges, success stories, and investment opportunities.
    • Networking opportunities with investors, media, and other startups.
  • Why You Should Attend: It’s an incredible opportunity for startups to gain exposure, secure funding, and receive feedback from leading figures in the tech industry. For investors and attendees, it offers insights into the latest tech trends and startups shaping the future of Africa’s digital landscape.

Echelon Asia Summit – Singapore

  • Overview: This event focuses on bringing together the startup ecosystem in Asia, including investors, startups, and industry leaders.
  • Who attends: Asian startups, investors, business leaders.
  • Why you should go: To tap into the growing startup ecosystem in Asia.

Bits & Pretzels – Munich, Germany

  • Overview: A unique combination of startup pitches, influential speakers, and networking, all with a Bavarian twist.
  • Who attends: Startups, investors, entrepreneurs.
  • Why you should go: For networking in a fun and informal setting with serious business intent.

StartUp Fest Europe – Various locations, Netherlands

  • Overview: A festival connecting international startups with investors, corporates, and other startups, focusing on networking and deal-making.
  • Who attends: European startups, investors, corporates.
  • Why you should go: For the chance to network and make deals in vibrant venues across the Netherlands.