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In 1986, France was the only country in the world where you can buy a plane or train ticket « online » thanks to the Minitel (years before internet was invented, New york times article here!).

A lot of people think that France is a dead country full of food, luxury things and bad people.
It’s all wrong.

There is 3 different France I would say : the « classic » one, the « mixed » one and the « most innovative in the world » one.

Let’s talk about the last one today.

France was bad at Web 1 and Web 2

Let’s be honest. The minitel was amazing. BUT it killed the first years of internet in France.
A lot of people said : « Minitel is cool, we don’t need internet, it’s the same ».

No, it’s not !

So, I saw the internet fast train coming but not too much of my french counterparts.

For Web2, we were here but we preferred to sell our companies to US giants, lack of ambition and wants to make ton of cash…

But for Web 3, we are well prepared…

WEB3 is for France !

Web 3 is different.
France always had culture, art, luxury, style and a revolutionnary heart inside her.

We also had an amazing startup ecosystem built year after year.
It was hard, really hard to change a lot of mindsets here.
But it’s done now, we are here to kick some asses now, believe it or not 😉

Why France is build for NFT and metavers ?

French always were punks. They hates the status quo. They always wants to fight for their rights and to survive.
In the 17th century, they decided to cut the king’s head, never forget that !
It’s inside us, we HATE injustice in any way.

We wants the best for us and our children.
Sometimes it’s too much, but it’s why we are strong and resilient even during hard times.

Why do think France will be a world leader in the NFT space ?

Let me show you some crazy facts about france in WEB 3 :

  • France as TOP leading companies in the sace already such as Sorare, The sandbox, Ledger, Kryll, iExec, Napoleon X, Dether, Legolas…
  • Binance decided to install their headquarters in Paris in 2022
  • and FTX wants to do the same
  • We have the biggest startup campus in the world called Station F, built by Xavier Niel and Roxanne Varza. More than 1600 businesses are installed there (60% + are non french !)
  • We have some of the best events in the world around business and NFT’s such as Cannes Lions, Vivatech, Paris Blockchain week, NFT Biarrits, SurfinBitcoin, Web3 festival, Metaverse conf…
  • France is well known worldwide for his art and culture. We have the best museums in the world such as Musée du louvre or Versailles.
  • France is by far the best place for luxury. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) + Kering group dominate this space with more than 70% of the world market ! They are building a lot of NFT’s and partenerships in the metaverse game Sandbox (also french)
  • France has the best advanced laws to protect companies and customers in this space
  • We have the BPI who invest massively in this space (infos here)
  • More in the Twitter thread I did below

France NFT companies at Vivatech, a TOP tech worldwide event :

France is a world leader in the NFT, metaverse and WEB 3 spaces, just a pure fact !